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What is at stake for high schoolers caught with drugs?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | College Students Charged With Drug Crimes

All parents want to imagine that their son or daughter is a responsible and law-abiding young adult. When this proves not to be the case, it can be shocking, to say the least. High schoolers are often susceptible to peer pressure and the pressures of growing up, so youthful indiscretions are hardly uncommon. What happens, though, when law enforcement catches high schoolers with drugs?

According to the Washington Post, many high schoolers admit to trying drugs, but the consequences can often be disproportionately harsh. There is a lot at stake, in fact, for high schoolers who fall into drug use. There are a few things all parents should know if their child is caught in possession of illegal drugs.

College admissions

The consequences of involvement with drugs will depend on whether your child faces criminal charges. If the offense occurred at school, the administration may choose to handle the issue internally. If not, however — or if school administration involves law enforcement — there may be criminal charges. This could seriously jeopardize your student’s chances of admission to the college of his or her choice.

Financial aid

If a college does admit your teen does in spite of drug-related charges, she or he may still face yet another obstacle: acquiring financial aid. Generally, the government only suspends aid for offenses and convictions that took place while the student was receiving aid, but some other criminal convictions can affect eligibility, too. Needless to say, it is imperative to your student’s future to minimize the possibility of conviction.

Future employment

Whether or not college is in the immediate plans for your child, he or she will have to consider career prospects at some point. Many employers order background checks on potential employees, and a criminal conviction — no matter how old — will reflect poorly. In some cases, it could even automatically disqualify your daughter or son from consideration for a prospective job.


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