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Giving in to peer pressure can lead to criminal charges

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | College Campus Crimes

If you have a teenager living with you in Boston, it may remind you of the challenges you faced as an adolescent. Teens deal with peer pressure and external influences that can make it hard to avoid making bad decisions. They are young and impressionable, and still have a lot to learn about the world. It is not uncommon for what appear to be innocent jokes and pranks to become incidents that result in juvenile criminal charges.

It is important for you to stress to your teen that everything that seems like fun is not legal. Some of these actions may have serious ramifications that can follow teens for the rest of their lives. The immediate consequences often include expulsion from high school and disqualification from scholarships, financial aid and employment opportunities.

Teach your teen to consider the consequences

Young adults are under a lot of pressure from their friends. They may seem as if they are not listening when adults talk to them. They may also insist on doing things their way. Continue talking to them, leading by example and motivating them. Keep an eye on their behaviors and try to keep them from making additional mistakes that can further complicate their life.

A good defense can help protect their future

If your teen is currently facing criminal charges, it is not the end of the world. Now is not the time for panic. It is also not the time to procrastinate or ignore the potential consequences. Caution your teenager to watch his or her behavior and words, as well as limiting or forgoing social media activity in the days leading up to the trial. Depending on the type of offense your child is facing and the evidence, it may be possible to minimize the penalties he or she faces to reduce the impact on the future. You should also consider working with a juvenile criminal defense attorney.


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