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What juveniles need to know about expungement in Massachusetts

The brains of young people are still developing, but in spite of their mental and emotional immaturity, they may make mistakes that follow them for years after they become adults. If those mistakes result in a conviction, the criminal record can affect where young people live, whether they go to college and what jobs are open to them. 

Drug charges shouldn't derail a student's life

College is a time of great academic pursuits and personal growth. Between studying for exams, discovering a path in life, and creating lifelong relationships, there is a huge amount of pressure and expectation placed on students. Sometimes, this pressure may contribute to making decisions that aren't necessarily in the best interest of the student, such as taking drugs. These decisions, however, shouldn't completely derail a student's momentum in life.

Never waive your Miranda rights

As a college or graduate student in the Boston area, you and your friends likely have seen your fair share of “cop shows,” both at the movies and on TV. You therefore probably have heard various iterations of the Miranda warning many times. What may never have occurred to you, however, especially if you have never experienced a run-in with law enforcement officers, is that this warning is for your benefit, too.

Do not let one mistake dictate your future

Going to college in the Boston area is a big responsibility. Though you may relish the fact that you are no longer under your parents’ direct supervision and are able to make your own decisions, you must be careful about the choices you make. Your age and innocence do not give you a pass to break the law. As a freshman student, you are at the threshold of adulthood and subject to many of the same penalties that grown adults who break the law must face. 

Understanding first and second degree murder in Massachusetts

Murder is perhaps the most serious criminal charge that can be leveled at a person. Most residents of Massachusetts understand that murder is the crime of intentionally killing another human being. Less well understood is the difference between first and second degree murder.

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