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Are you a person of interest in an embezzlement case?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Criminal Defense

It is not a good feeling to have someone seem suspicious of you. In some cases, the person may have no cause to suspect that you have done or will do something wrong, but being made to feel as if you are a bad person can certainly affect your general sense of self. Unfortunately, while you may be able to brush off someone’s unwarranted suspicions of you, it may be more difficult to handle the suspicions of police officers and investigators.

Unfortunately for you, you have come under suspicion of a white-collar crime. In particular, someone has accused you of embezzling funds from the company for which you work. You may think this idea is preposterous, but you must still take it seriously because an investigation into missing or misappropriated funds has begun, and you are a person of interest.

Are you in trouble?

Just because you are a person of interest in an embezzlement case, it does not necessarily mean that you are in trouble. However, it likely does mean that investigators will look for information or evidence that could point to you as a suspect or even possible culprit in the case. If you do end up facing criminal charges, you may want to remember that the prosecution must prove the following elements to implicate that you embezzled funds:

  • You had a fiduciary relationship with the other party.
  • You acquired funds or other property through that relationship.
  • You took ownership of the funds or other property, or transferred the assets to another person.
  • You must have intentionally carried out these actions.

Embezzlement does not necessarily mean that someone suspects that you withdrew thousands of dollars from the company at once. While this certainly can be a form of embezzlement, it could also take place if someone withdrew or transferred small amounts over an extended period of time.

What should you do?

Even if you have not yet had criminal charges brought against you but know that investigators consider you a person of interest in the case, it is in your best interests to start considering your legal options. Gaining information on embezzlement charges, what investigations usually entail and what could happen if you face formal allegations could help you understand the ordeal. Contacting a Massachusetts attorney experienced in this area of law may allow you to obtain reliable knowledge.


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