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Police accused Massachusetts woman of drunk driving

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | OUI Defense

Being involved in a car accident, even a relatively minor one, is often a stressful experience. In some cases, a person involved in an accident may panic and respond unpredictably. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers in Massachusetts concluded that a woman was drunk driving based on her alleged behavior following a collision.

The incident that led to the woman’s arrest reportedly happened during the afternoon hours of a day in late July. According to police reports, the woman struck a cargo truck stopped at a red light. Officers claim that she then left then scene, but she was stopped and taken into custody soon after. No injuries were reported in the collision.

Reports say that the woman was disoriented, unsteady and had slurred speech. She allegedly refused to participate in a field sobriety test, but police say that they discovered several alcohol containers in her vehicle. The woman allegedly stated that she had not been involved in an accident. Her vehicle reportedly had damage to its front end.

In addition to drunk driving allegations, the woman was cited for leaving the scene of an accident, possession of an open container in a motor vehicle, and failure to stop for a red light. Unfortunately, allegations such as these can have significant long-term consequences. Because of the multiple factors involved in a case involving such accusations, many people in Massachusetts feel unprepared to face them on their own. As such, they often turn to an attorney with experience with OUI cases to help them carefully evaluate all aspects of their case.


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