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Facing tax fraud allegations? Your future interests are at stake

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Federal Crimes

The government of the United States expects every income-earning individual to pay taxes. Every year, most Americans will either pay a certain amount owed to the government, or they will receive a refund. U.S. tax laws are complex and confusing, but violating these laws can come with criminal charges and severe penalties.

Tax fraud is a federal offense, and the penalties can include expensive fines and time behind bars. If you are facing allegations of tax fraud, now is the time to move forward with building a strong defense strategy. You will find it beneficial to work with an individual who understands tax law and knows how to fight for your interests. There is a lot at stake for you, but you do not face the criminal justice system alone.

What is it?

Tax fraud happens when an individual or business entity intentionally fails to pay the full amount of taxes owed to the United States government. In most cases, this happens when there is falsification of tax return documents in order to reduce the amount owed. Tax fraud can include things such as false deductions, using a false Social Security number, underreporting income and claiming false deductions.

Is there a case against you?

Tax fraud cases can be complex and difficult to investigate. There may be a valid case against you if there is evidence of the following:

  • You purposefully failed to file your tax return.
  • You intentionally did not pay your tax debt.
  • You prepared a false return and then filed it.
  • You misrepresented your financial affairs to reduce what you owed in taxes.
  • You did not report all of the income you received in a year.

There is a distinct difference between tax fraud and negligence or avoidance. It is possible the problems with your tax situation are the result of mistakes made with the preparation of your return, not intentional fraud. There are also loopholes in the tax laws that may provide a way for you to legally avoid paying some taxes.

Your defense starts now

It is imperative to seek defense counsel as soon as you learn of an investigation into your actions or there are formal charges filed against you. Your future is on the line, and it’s crucial to prepare to confront these allegations, even if you do not think you’ve done anything wrong. It may help to start with an assessment of your case and explanation of the options available to you for your defense.


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