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Traffic stop for speeding results in drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Drug Crimes

A recent traffic stop for speeding turned into serious drug-related criminal charges for all three individuals in the vehicle. Police initially pulled the vehicle over after spotting it traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle also had an expired license plate. After approaching the vehicle, law enforcement say they then discovered drugs in the vehicle. This led to the arrest of the occupants and filing of drug charges against them.

It is not clear how Massachusetts police found the drugs in the vehicle or whether they were purportedly in plain sight while talking with the driver. Reports indicate there were close to 200 grams of cocaine and about 200 bags of what is assumed to be fentanyl. Allegedly, there was also a gun and ammunition in the vehicle.

The three individuals were placed under arrest. Charges include weapons and drug charges, including drug trafficking charges. Trafficking is a federal offense, and the potential penalties for a trafficking offense are steep. If convicted, the defendants could spend extensive time behind bars. At this point, each accused individual is likely exploring the defense options available.

When the stakes are high, the experience of a defendant’s legal counsel matters. Working with a knowledgeable Massachusetts defense attorney is a significant benefit when one is facing the possibility of losing his or her personal freedom and reputation. When facing drug charges or other criminal allegations, it is beneficial to seek guidance and support as soon as possible after an arrest, starting with an assessment of the individual case.


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