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The right defense for a manslaughter charge

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Allegations of violent crime, such as manslaughter, can result in consequences that can alter the course of a Massachusetts individual’s life. A conviction may lead to time behind bars and other complications that will permanently affect future opportunities, reputation and more. Individuals facing manslaughter charges or those who are under investigation for this type of crime would be wise to consider the best and most effective defense options available to them. 

What makes it manslaughter? 

Manslaughter involves the killing of another person, but the penalties associated with this specific offense are not quite as serious as penalties for murder. The primary difference between murder and manslaughter is the defendant’s state of mind when the alleged crime took place. It involves intent, and it is not easy to prove state of mind or motivation in the prosecution of a crime.  

In a manslaughter case, the defendant is accused of causing the death of an individual without premeditation or malice. It does involve actions that were reckless or negligent to the point where fault is clear. This might include fatal car accidents or accidental deaths during supervised activities that may have been prevented with more care and caution.  

Defending future interests 

Building a strong defense against manslaughter charges is essential, and it’s prudent to have the assistance of a skilled Massachusetts defense attorney. Anyone accused of this type of crime would be wise to take immediate action to learn about the specific options available to him or her. When charged with a violent crime, the future and freedom of the accused is at stake. 


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