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Strategic Defense For Solicitation And Human Sex Trafficking Charges

State and federal laws regarding solicitation and human sex trafficking are far-reaching. You may be surprised by the charges against yourself or a loved one. Sex for a fee and solicitation charges can be embarrassing and damaging to your personal life. Human sex trafficking charges are a serious risk to your freedom. Our firm is adept at handling these types of cases with discretion and an aggressive defense. Our head attorney, Jay, has 40 years of experience handling sensitive cases in the public eye of Boston.

Do Not Hesitate To Address Human Sex Trafficking Allegations

Many types of crimes fall under the term “human sex trafficking,” and they may be prosecuted in both state and federal courts. You may be charged with human sex trafficking if you engage in certain kinds of sexual activity or benefit in any way from the sexual activity. You may even be charged with human sex trafficking for transporting a prostitute to a location to engage in illegal sexual activity.

Assisting in ownership or management of a business that profits from illegal intercourse is often a basis for human sex trafficking charges. Clubs, massage parlors, spas and brothels are typically involved, meaning that management or owners can also be charged with money laundering. If you are facing allegations of housing or controlling an organization that offered sex for a fee, then it is important to contact our sex trafficking defense attorneys immediately.

A sex trafficking conviction can result in serious felony charges including a minimum of five years in prison and a maximum of 20 years. Consequences are even more severe if the person involved is a minor. Because there is no statute of limitations on federal human trafficking offenses, charges can be brought against you even years later. If you are convicted of a sex crime charge, then you must also register as a sex offender in the state of Massachusetts.

Focus On Criminal Investigations Early In The Process

State and federal agencies have been concentrating their efforts on human sex trafficking investigations in the past few years. Police officers scour websites such as Craigslist and Backpage for suspicious activity. They set up sting operations to catch “Johns” and businesses offering sexual services. If you are facing a human sex trafficking investigation then contact our Boston office right away. We routinely assist people facing state and federal criminal investigation. We work to get in front of allegations, before charges can be filed.

You will need a strong and skilled defense for solicitation or human sex trafficking charges. Call our lawyers at 617-830-6760 to arrange a consultation, or send us an email today.