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Options after a campus drug charge

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2018 | College Students Charged With Drug Crimes

College students facing drug charges have a lot to lose. Fortunately, young offenders have options for dealing with accusations. For example, students facing drug charges may be able to settle matters in drug court. 

The drug court model in Massachusetts has become one of the leading examples of drug rehabilitative measures across the country. With the support of the federal government’s opioid commission, the reach of the program is increasing, making it a viable option for more nonviolent drug offenders. There are a few important aspects of the court process to be aware of.

Purpose of the court

Drug court is a type of specialty court in Massachusetts. These courts focus on treating the cause of the issue, rather than dealing with it punitively. This approach provides offenders the chance to overcome their addictions, so that they may once again become productive members of society. The programs have proven to be so successful that the use of the program has expanded in Massachusetts, as well as across the country.

The process

Though there are different programs for minors and adults, the programs include a few key elements:

  • Mandatory participation in treatment and therapy activities
  • Random and scheduled drug tests
  • Probation supervision
  • Monitoring by judge

Each aspect is tailored to the specific offenders in the attempt to aid in their individual rehabilitation. Even with these elements in place, the success of the program is still heavily dependent upon the individual’s commitment level to overcome the addiction.


There are specific requirements to be eligible for the drug court programs. One major aspect is that the guilty party must be a nonviolent offender. In most cases, the courts look for the party to have a previous history of drug use; however, this is not mandatory. Along with eligibility to enter the program, participants must meet the requirements and fulfill the obligations of the program through its entirety. Otherwise, they may face charges in federal court.

Depending upon the situation, drug court may be worth considering. Opting for drug court may also help matters when attending a university disciplinary hearing for a campus drug crime. It may be beneficial to provide evidence that you are addressing addiction proactively. Many people choose to consult with a knowledgeable attorney about whether drug court is an option in their case.


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