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Defending a charge of manslaughter or murder

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Felonies

Manslaughter and murder are two of the most serious charges that individuals face in Massachusetts. Manslaughter, or the killing of a person without premeditation, can result in legal consequences of up to 20 years in prison. Murder, or the unlawful and premeditated killing of a person, can lead to life in prison upon conviction. Defending a manslaughter or a murder charge requires a powerful defense and the assistance of a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced attorney.

The lawyers at Carney, Gaudet & Carney are experienced in assisting those facing serious allegations. Our firm has a record of success in representing those charged with manslaughter and obtaining acquittals and county facility sentences as low as six months. We have also successfully represented those charged with murder. Several clients were released on bail after indictment and, in one case, our lead criminal defense lawyer managed to persuade the District Attorney to withdraw a murder charge.

We attribute this success to our dedication to obtaining the very best results for our clients. Our team of lawyers work together to make sure that our clients’ constitutional rights are protected and that they receive a fair trial. We advocate diligently with the goal of obtaining a “not-guilty” verdict or, barring that possibility, the least severe consequences for our clients.

Our firm is set apart by our unwavering belief in our clients and our client centric approach to trial. Carney, Gaudet & Carney, we believe our client’s side of the story and this belief allows us to be true advocates. Our defense strategy involves humanizing every client so they can be seen in their best light because every defendant should be seen as a real, individual person and not just a nameless defendant.

The lawyers at Carney, Gaudet & Carney are prepared to take on the most difficult cases. We will represent those accused of all types of felonies. For more information on defending charges of murder and manslaughter, please visit our Murder and Manslaughter page.


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