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Are You Being Investigated By The State Or Federal Government?

If you are under criminal investigation by the state or federal government, contact Carney, Gaudet & Carney immediately. Do not wait until formal charges have been filed against you before seeking legal help. There are steps we can take while investigations are ongoing to shield you from liability and ensure police and prosecutors are not engaged in unwarranted fishing expeditions.

Located in Boston, our firm protects clients throughout Massachusetts who are being criminally investigated by the state or federal government.

Signs You Are Under Criminal Investigation

If you are being investigated by the state or federal government for a crime, you may not always know it. However, if one of the following occurs you should be concerned:

  • A state or federal agent contacts you
  • Your home is searched by state or federal agents
  • Someone you have a work relationship with is under investigation
  • You are subpoenaed to a grand jury hearing
  • You receive a target letter notifying you that you are under investigation

If state or federal agents attempt to question you – even before charges have been filed – do not answer. You may be unknowingly guiding them to evidence or be admitting liability. This could end in serious charges, such as white collar crime charges, and penalties.

Carney, Gaudet & Carney is headed by Jay Carney – one of the most recognized and respected attorneys in Massachusetts. When you work with us, you not only benefit from attorney Carney’s experience and skill, you benefit from our entire legal team. Our lawyers work together to build defense strategies that protect your rights, help shield you from liability and mitigate the legal consequences that can arise after a criminal investigation.

If you suspect, or know, you are being investigated in connection with a crime, contact our firm. Call 617-404-9683 to speak with one of our attorneys.