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Without guidance and advocacy for criminal charges, your future may be at jeopardy. Your career, housing options and educational opportunities may be limited with a criminal conviction on your record. Our law firm offers nationally recognized criminal defense representation. We work to immediately address impending or existing charges against you and mitigate negative outcomes. With assistance from our legal team, you can defend your reputation against false or inflamed allegations.

It is never too early to contact Carney, Gaudet & Carney. The sooner you contact our Boston office, the quicker we can get started on a defense strategy tailored to your goals. Our attorneys are focused 100 percent on criminal defense cases, so you know they deeply understand federal and state laws to best plan your case strategy. Read the following short biographies to learn more about our attorneys:

We Always Believe Your Story

Are you or a loved one dealing with threatening allegations? We want to hear your side of the story. We will believe you and fight for your innocence. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor-level offense or felony criminal charges, we are on your side.

We provide high-quality criminal defense representation to clients in all Massachusetts state courts and in the federal court. We also represent persons who are under criminal investigation. We have represented clients in a wide variety of cases involving sex crimes, fraud charges, murder, involuntary manslaughter, OUI, campus crimes and more. No matter the complexity of the case, we have one goal: to reduce the negative impact of a criminal case on our client’s life.

A Team Approach

Jay Carney is in the prime of his career, and he has surrounded himself with some of the best lawyers from the next generation. They bring different skills to the team, including specialization in certain crimes, impressive legal research and motion writing ability and familiarity with the latest advances in forensic science. Many clients are comfortable having another lawyer in the firm being lead counsel, with Jay involved in strategy discussions, client meetings and trial preparation. This reduced cost of representation allows more clients to employ the firm without diminishing the benefit of having Jay’s experience applied to the case.

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