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Guidance And Advocacy In Campus Disciplinary Hearings

One mistake or false allegation has the potential to damage your child’s reputation and their future. Their college or university will not give them leeway due to their limited life experience. If your student is facing campus crime allegations such as underage drinking, sex offenses, drug crimes or violent crimes, then they will experience potential penalties in a campus disciplinary hearing.

Your student may or may not face criminal charges. College and university administrations have their own sets of penalties for breaking rules. Do not hesitate to get started on a defense due to pending charges. Our attorneys have represented students at every major college in the Boston area. Our experienced lawyers can represent your child in campus disciplinary hearings and prepare them for a strategy against pending criminal charges.

Defense For Title IX Hearings

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that requires colleges and universities to investigate sexual assault allegations. However, allegations of sexual assault typically stem from events involving alcohol or drugs. Altered perception of reality and forgetfulness of events can lead to false or inflamed allegations.

Each school has their own system for collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and questioning suspects. Failing to adequately prepare for a campus disciplinary hearing can be a threat to your child’s educational opportunities. They could face several types of penalties including:

  • Getting kicked out of their dorm
  • Permanent citation on their record
  • Suspension or expulsion

At Carney, Gaudet & Carney, we offer guidance for your child. Jay and our legal team are committed to helping you and your child evaluate the pros and cons of the various options, and to supporting you as you reach the right decisions.

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