A Legal Team With Over Four Decades Of Experience

Our attorneys apply over 55 years of combined legal experience to strongly defend clients in all Massachusetts state courts and in the federal court. Our attorneys take a team approach to most cases. We often suggest a lead lawyer for your case based on your goals and budget, with Jay involved in strategy discussions, client meetings and trial preparation. This strategy allows more clients the opportunity to work with our premier defense firm. Arrange a consultation online or call our firm at 617-404-9683 to speak with an attorney right away.

We were named as one of The Go-To Law Firms by Above The Law, stating, “the biggest player in the Boston criminal defense game these days is none other than J.W. Carney, Jr.”

Meet Our Attorneys

J. W. “Jay” Carney Jr.

Our firm is headed by J. W. “Jay” Carney Jr. He has practiced criminal law for 45 years and has had more than 190 jury trials in the state and the federal courts, including thousands of U.S. District Court cases. Jay has been identified as one of The Five Best Private Criminal Defense Attorneys in the state by Boston magazine. He has handled more high-profile cases in Massachusetts over the past 30 years than anyone else. He is skilled at using the media for his client’s advantage. He has made appearances on CNN and has been featured in articles by The Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal.

Jay frequently is asked to make presentations to legal groups. In 2015, this included two national conferences for criminal defense lawyers, local programs on evidence and trial advocacy, several law school classes taught by judges and a lecture to a judicial conference. Jay’s reputation in Massachusetts has led five governors to ask him to serve on the commission that makes recommendations on whom to appoint as judges.

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Nat Carney

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Addison Gamliel

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Daniel J. Gaudet

Attorney Gaudet has devoted his career solely to the practice of criminal defense. As a defense practitioner, Attorney Gaudet represents clients in all stages of the legal process, from pre-arraignment investigations through trial. Attorney Gaudet earned his law degree from Suffolk University Law School in 2013, and a bachelor’s degree from the College of the Holy Cross in 2010.

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