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Boston Criminal Defense Lawyers For Accidental Overdose Deaths

Drug overdose deaths are tragically common in Massachusetts and nationwide. Increasingly, courts are enforcing homicide laws in these cases, intended to punish people who sell drugs that lead to accidental overdose deaths. People who sell Fentanyl or heroin not only face drug trafficking and distribution charges, they may be charged with involuntary manslaughter. However, most defendants in these cases have resorted to dealing drugs while struggling with addiction themselves.

Resources that could be used to help people recover from drug addiction are being used to place them in prison. We can help you or your loved ones find the resources necessary for recovery. We can strongly advocate for you in court, focusing on solutions to minimize your exposure to incarceration. Reach out to us by email for help today if you or a loved one are facing charges.

Why Experience Matters

An involuntary manslaughter conviction can lead up to 20 years in prison, fines and possible victim restitution. With such serious consequences, it is important to call a skilled defense attorney. Our lead attorney, Jay, has represented defendants facing involuntary manslaughter charges in overdose death cases, including a former University of Massachusetts graduate student.

“Jay is an extraordinarily well-prepared, hard-working, and able advocate, and when he gets in the courtroom, he’s the guy who is calm and deliberate and at the same time knows how to move a jury.” – Attorney Howard Cooper, stated in The Boston Globe, 7/01/2011

Accidental drug overdose death cases can garner attention by news media. It is important to contact an attorney who is experienced in handling high-profile drug crime and violent crime cases under media attention. Jay presents collected and thoughtful comments to the media, protecting his clients’ reputations. More importantly, he presents a strong and knowledgeable defense in court. With 40 years of legal experience, Jay and the lawyers at our firm are more than capable of handling your legal issue.

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