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Can You Go To Prison For A White Collar Crime?

Many people assume that only violent crimes can result in prison time. In actuality, individuals found guilty of white collar crimes can also serve time in prison. Previously, white collar criminals were primarily slapped with heavy fines and penalties, but this has changed in recent years. Along with increased regulation within the financial industry, penalties for white collar crimes have increased in severity.

Whether or not a conviction could be accompanied with a prison sentence varies by case. The type of charge, severity of charge and whether it was state or federal all affect potential repercussions. The attorneys at Carney, Gaudet & Carney have represented Massachusetts residents facing criminal allegations for over four decades. We understand the potential penalties given your charges and ensure that you fully understand your options.

State Versus Federal Charges

Many white collar crimes, such as securities fraud and money laundering, violate both state and federal law. If the charges violate federal law or occur across state or international boundaries, the accused can be tried in federal instead of state court. Trying a case in federal court means that the individual may face federal consequences and could be placed within the federal prison system, if found guilty.

Federal charges typically carry harsher maximum penalties and lengthier sentences. If an individual is convicted in federal court and sentenced to prison time, they typically have to serve 85 percent of their named sentence. In a state court, the same individual would usually only have to serve 50 percent of their sentence.

If you face federal charges, you should secure representation from an attorney who understands the federal system. State and federal courts are parallel systems, address different laws and vary in procedure. A lawyer who regularly tries cases in federal court is more familiar with the intricacies of federal statutes and how to defend clients within these boundaries.

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