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Indecent Assault And Battery On A Person Aged 14 Or Older: Your Defense Matters

If you face sexual assault charges, it can feel as if you are already guilty in the eyes of the public. Your friends, your employer – and even your own family – may doubt your innocence. At Carney, Gaudet & Carney, we will never doubt you. We believe in your story and your innocence, and we will fight to protect it.

When facing charges as serious as indecent assault and battery on a person aged 14 or older, the stakes are incredibly high. At Carney, Gaudet & Carney, we understand the gravity of these accusations and the impact they can have on your future. Our approach begins with a thorough investigation of the case, exploring every angle, including the possibility of false allegations and the motivations behind them. Our experience with the Department of Children and Families further equips us to navigate cases involving minors with skill and professionalism.

In choosing Carney, Gaudet & Carney, you select a team of attorneys with a formidable foundation of over 50 years of combined legal experience. Our head lawyer stands among the top criminal defense attorneys in Massachusetts. We are dedicated to providing the strongest defense for our clients. Our firm has earned national recognition, having represented high-profile clients and featured on CNN, The Boston Globe, and The Wall Street Journal. We pride ourselves on our track record of not-guilty verdicts and our ability to have charges against our clients dismissed or significantly reduced. Located in Boston, our lawyers have successfully defended clients throughout Massachusetts against sexual assault and rape.

Understanding Sexual Assault Charges

In Massachusetts, the terms rape and sexual assault are often used interchangeably. However, there are legal differences. Sexual assault is a broader crime than rape and encompasses any unwanted sexual act, such as unwanted sexual touching. Aggravated sexual assault involves unwanted sexual acts that result in physical harm to the victim.

These crimes are punished severely in Massachusetts. Depending on the circumstances involved – such as the type of act alleged, the age of the alleged victim and whether weapons were used – a conviction could result in anywhere from five years to life in prison, fines, GPS monitoring and required registration as a sex offender.

Elements Required To Prove The Crime Was Committed

To convict someone of an indecent assault and battery crime, the prosecution must prove certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt. These elements include the defendant’s intentional and harmful or offensive contact with the victim, without consent, and that the contact was indeed indecent as defined by law. Our lawyers meticulously scrutinize these elements, ensuring that we challenge every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you.

Penalties And Sentencing For Sexual Assault Crimes In Massachusetts

The consequences of a sexual assault conviction in Massachusetts are severe. They can include lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. These penalties not only affect one’s freedom but can also lead to lasting reputational damage and challenges in securing employment or housing. We are committed to guiding our clients through this daunting legal landscape and fighting for the most favorable outcome possible.

We Are Always On Your Side

Every day, people are falsely accused of sexual assault. Proving your innocence means exposing your accuser’s story for what it is: a falsehood.

At Carney, Gaudet & Carney, we begin your defense with a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the allegations. We want to know exactly what happened and when it happened. We also examine your accuser. Has he or she made false accusations before? Does he or she have a motive to lie? What do his/her family and friends think about the situation? What evidence does the prosecution have? Is there DNA?

Once we have all of the information, we begin building your defense. Our attorneys are committed to protecting your innocence and mitigating any possible negative consequences. No matter how bad the situation seems, we will fight for you.

Facing Charges? Take Action Today.

If you or someone you know is accused of indecent assault and battery, time is of the essence. Reach out to Carney, Gaudet & Carney today. We stand ready to defend your rights and protect your future with relentless advocacy and personalized legal strategy. Contact our firm today at 617-404-9683 or online.

Case Result

Indecent assault & battery on a person over 14
Result: Prosecutor dismisses all charges prior to trial and record expunged

Our client, a hospital worker, was accused of sexually assaulting his landlord and former roommate in their apartment. Working with investigators, Attorney Nat Carney obtained surveillance footage that showed the alleged assault could not possibly have occurred. Attorney Carney presented this evidence to the prosecutor, who wisely dismissed all charges. Attorney Carney also filed a petition expunge this criminal record due to the fraud on the court committed by the alleged victim. The court granted the expungement, and all records of this case have been destroyed. Client returned back to work and still has no criminal record.