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How defense attorneys help strengthen defendants’ stories

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2017 | Criminal Defense

People who are charged with a criminal offense need to work together with their attorney to develop a strong plan of defense. Part of that defense strategy includes going through the defendant’s story.

It’s important to have a strong story that can help defend against charges the defendant is facing. These are three traits that a defense attorney may help a defendant use to create a stronger story.


This is perhaps the most important piece of information to keep in mind. If parts of a defendant’s story are found to be false, they will lose their credibility in the courtroom. If there is verifiable evidence that the defendant was near the crime scene, its existence likely shouldn’t be denied.

Instead, the defendant should explain why that evidence exists. For example, if the defendant’s hair was found at a crime scene, they should be able to explain why their hair was present. Acknowledging evidence and sticking to the facts of the case helps provide greater validity to the defendant’s story.


Appearing as a sympathetic figure toward the jury or judge is beneficial. One way the defendant can potentially accomplish this is by explaining how they tried to stop the crime before it was committed. A defendant’s claims of trying to prevent the crime from occurring should be supported by factual evidence.


It’s not enough for the defendant to simply state that they didn’t commit a crime. They also need to demonstrate that the events of the story are the truth. This means providing thorough explanations for all elements of the defendant’s story. If the defense has an alibi that places them outside of the crime scene, the story should include an explanation why the defendant wasn’t present.

It was stressed earlier in this post the importance of the defendant being truthful when recapping their story. It’s also true that there are multiple ways to present a truthful series of events to the jury. Working with a skilled criminal defense attorney can help better frame a defendant’s story as part of a comprehensive defense strategy.


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