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Man accused of drunk driving after Massachusetts crash

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | OUI And Driving Privileges

Even the safest of drivers can be involved in a car accident while driving in the most favorable of conditions. When conditions are not as favorable as they could be, such as when driving late at night, the chances of being involved in a car accident could potentially become higher. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers in Massachusetts may be quick to assume that an accident that occurs at a certain time of day is due to drunk driving.

In fact, a 42-year-old man is now facing such claims after he was reportedly driving a vehicle that was involved in a crash. The incident is said to have happened during the late-night hours of a Saturday in September. Reports claim that a single vehicle crash occurred.

The driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance with minor injuries. Unfortunately, his passenger was seriously injured. The highway was reportedly shut down so a medical helicopter could land on it to transport the 28-year-old man to the hospital. Police issued the driver a summons to appear at court on a charge of operating under the influence of liquor.

Despite law enforcement allegations, it is unclear what led troopers to believe that drunk driving played a role in the crash. Unfortunately, such allegations can have significant long-term impacts. Because of this and because most people feel as if they are unable to make informed decisions due to a lack of experience with the criminal justice system, many ask an experienced attorney to advise them about their options, including choosing which option is best for their individual circumstances.


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