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Young adult charged with murder in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A teen from the New Bedford area of Massachusetts is facing criminal charges that could change the course of his life. The young man is accused of shooting two people and killing one. He is officially charged with armed assault with the intent to murder, and more charges could be filed against him as the investigation is still ongoing. Since he is 18 years old, he is charged as an adult.

Law enforcement says that after the shooting, a suspect was located and approached. They also claim that the individual then shot at police, but no officers were hurt. The incident was reported to authorities when residents near the area of the shooting reported hearing gunfire. After responding to the location of the shooting, one gunshot victim was found and taken for emergency medical attention. He later died from his injuries.

The defendant was taken into police custody after they say he fired a gun at officers. At this point, the incident is still being investigated by homicide detectives and prosecutors. It is not immediately clear if the Massachusetts youth has secured legal counsel. The evidence against him appears substantial, and the charges are serious. If convicted, he could spend years behind bars.

It is crucial to work with an experienced defense attorney when facing murder charges. Regardless of what happened or the case against him or her, a defendant has rights. With a strong defense strategy and knowledgeable guidance, an individual has a stronger chance of successfully confronting the prosecution’s case.


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