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Is using a fake ID card identity theft?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | High School And College Campus Crimes

Facing criminal charges can feel stressful and complicated. The officer and the prosecutor seem to form a team against you making it feel like you do not have an ally.

Getting a fake ID can seem like a simple solution to go out with your friends, especially when they tell their stories of not getting caught. Unfortunately, when you get caught and start to think about the charges against you, you may worry.

Here’s what you should know about fake IDs and what happens if you get caught.

Is it identity theft?

Using fake identification is a crime, but typically it is not considered identity theft. While both crimes may involve using someone else’s ID, identity theft typically has additional elements, such as:

  • Intent to obtain money
  • Intent to harass the other person
  • Intent to gain credit

Often, without the financial or harassment piece of the equation, using a fake ID is not identity theft. However, using a fake ID can still have serious consequences.

What happens if I’m caught with a fake ID?

Trying to use a fake ID can lead to issues now and in the future. Often fake ID offenders hope to pay the fine without any additional problems.

However, in Massachusetts, a fake ID charge very often leads to a suspended driver’s license. While you may not be worried about the fine, the suspension usually lasts for six months, which could make other aspects of your life complicated.

If you are dealing with fake ID charges, it is important to talk to an experienced professional. There are typically more options for dealing with criminal charges if you take the right actions as early as possible.


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