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5 ways to fight an embezzlement charge

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Criminal Defense

The stress from personal and financial problems mounted, and the circumstances behind these problems affected your judgment. In an attempt to end this financial downward spiral, you got the money you needed, but it was not from the right place.

You took the money from your employer, who entrusted you with company funds. You were desperate, and that desperation has led to state and federal charges of embezzlement. The abyss grows deeper. Now, you need to know your legal options and get this matter resolved.

Helplessness, entrapment

By focusing on this list of criminal defense strategies, you may beat an embezzlement charge:

  • The effect of duress: Threatened with violence if you did not go through with this deed, you have a reliable defense.
  • The feeling of helplessness and incapacitation: Your life has gone into a deep tailspin, and you do not know how to remedy this situation. Experiencing personal grief, you may have turned to drugs and alcohol that affected your judgment.
  • Lack of criminal intent: Perhaps you took the money thinking that it was yours.
  • Insufficient evidence: Prosecutors may have quickly assembled a case against you but did not have compelling evidence. Miscommunications among the prosecutorial and investigative teams may have contributed, and so can an over-eager prosecutor who has targeted you.
  • Entrapment: Pressure and harassment from undercover police led to this crime that would not have occurred if they had not coerced you into doing so.

Any type of criminal charge weighs heavily on the accused. However, there are definite strategies to help you put these situations behind you.

Right strategy, right outcome

Embezzlement may taint your life for a long time. You need to focus on strategies that will help you maintain a clear record. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands what strategies will work best to get this charge reduced or dismissed.


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