J. W. Carney, Jr. And Associates

J. W. Carney, Jr. and Associates provides high-quality criminal defense representation to clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges in all Massachusetts State Courts and in the Federal Court. We also represent persons who are under criminal investigation. We have one goal: to reduce the negative impact of a criminal case on our client's life.

A History Of Advocacy

Our firm is headed by J. W. "Jay" Carney, Jr. He has practiced criminal law for 37 years, and has had more than 180 jury trials in the Superior Court and the Federal Court, along with thousands of District Court cases. Jay learned his craft as a public defender for five years, and then broadened his experience by serving as a prosecutor for the next five years. He has honed his skills over the past 27 years in private practice. The overwhelming majority of his clients have never been investigated or charged with a crime, but are now charged with DWI, domestic violence, drug possession, white collar crimes, sexual assault or motor vehicle homicide. Jay is committed to helping them evaluate the pros and cons of the various options they have, and supporting them as they reach the right decisions. He also has handled more high-profile cases in Massachusetts over the past 20 years than anyone else, and is skilled at using the media for his client's advantage. An Internet search will reveal hundreds of examples. Jay frequently is asked to make presentations to legal groups. In 2015, this included at two national conferences for criminal defense lawyers, local programs on evidence and trial advocacy, several law school classes taught by judges and a lecture to a Judicial Conference. Jay's reputation in Massachusetts has led five governors to ask him to serve on the Commission that makes recommendations on whom to appoint as judges.

A Team Approach

Jay is in the prime of his career, and he has surrounded himself with some of the best lawyers from the next generation. They bring different skills to the team, including specialization in certain crimes, impressive legal research and motion writing ability and familiarity with the latest advances in forensic science. Many clients are comfortable having another lawyer in the firm being lead counsel, with Jay involved in strategy discussions, client meetings and trial preparation. This reduced cost of representation allows more clients to employ the firm without diminishing the benefit of having Jay's experience applied to the case.

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